All set for ‘Catch A Comet’ at The Royal Society Summer Exhibition next week

So it’s been a very busy month so far with the end of this one and the start of the next getting even busier. I’ll be down in London all of next week at The Royal Society with the annual summer exhibition. I’ll be presenting the UK’s involvement in the Rosetta mission and our exhibit’s called ‘Catch A Comet’. We have a comet sculpture, Philae lander model, a plasma interactive game and lots of happy and enthusiastic scientists from the OU, Imperial, Kent and UCL who are ready to talk to you about the mission, and comets in general. We had a run through this week of the exhibit with our lovely scientist volunteers (close to 20 of them) and it went really well with everyone getting quite excited now.

Anyway, we kicked off today with a twitter Q&A which has been storified here so you can see what types of questions people had for us (and how we tried to answer them…including what does comet water taste like?).

If you can make it down to London next week (or if you’re there already) then pop by the Royal Society as there’s about 20 other exhibits in addition to us. It’s a whole building full of cool science and it’s on all week 🙂 See you there!