Catch a Comet at The Royal Society summer exhibition

RS SSE Catch a Comet standRS outsideWell it’s been a really fun week so far down in London for the annual Royal Society summer exhibition. I’m feeling slightly exhausted now but my fabulous team and I have spoken to so many people telling them all about the Rosetta space mission. People seem to be excited that we’re going to land on a comet in November, of course they are, it’s a very exciting event. I’ve also done a show and tell for the public this week where I got loads of great questions.

Catch a Comet team selfieDaytime team selfieI was lucky enough to attend two of the famous evening soirees which have been lots of fun with amazing food (even a ‘make your own’ apple crumble, yum!). We had the Duke of Kent around asking us about our exhibit and a lovely dog who took some great interest in one of our 3D printed comet models. All in all a fantastic week and we still have the weekend to go.

Comet dog aI was interviewed by Quentin Cooper and so our Catch a Comet stand was featured on the Royal Society podcast which you can listen to here.

I was interviewed for BBC News which will be featured later in the year but here’s a shot of the cameraman filming our beautiful lander model (we even removed the protective lid for him). Although, I have the say, the cameraman looks a bit stressed in this photo!

BBC filming Catch a Comet