Filming filming…all in the name of Rosetta

It’s been a busy week for me as I’ve ventured into the world of TV presenting! And what fun it’s been. I had a little warm up act last week when I presented a video for The Open University answering 5 Questions all about Rosetta. This included things like ‘Why do we need harpoons on board?’ and ‘Why does the lander have an oven?’. If you want to find out the answers then you’ll have to watch the video which I’ll post a link to very soon! Here’s a snap of me chatting to Dr Simon Sheridan about the ovens though…we’re both holding one in our hands, they’re tiny!

Nat and Simon chatting about Philae ovensYesterday I was busy all day filming a segment for the next episode of Sky at Night. This is going to be an hour long special all about the landing, due to air on November 16th, and I did a piece on ‘How to make a comet’ where I got, for the first time, to do the ‘dry ice’ comet experiment. It was lots of fun and we did manage to actually make 2 comets that looked somewhat like the real thing. Having used photocopy toner for our ‘organic’ material, they turned out to be just as dark as 67P!

Nat and her cometComets in fume cupboardNat on screen