CV & Publications


2015 – present    Freelance writer, science communicator, scientist

Host for StarTalk radio All-Stars. Author of popular science book ‘Catching Stardust’ due for publication early 2018. Involved in various other science communication activities.

2011-2015    Deputy Head and Principal Operator NanoSIMS laboratory

Responsible for daily maintenance, planning of user time, and experimental design and set-up, analysis and interpretation, for internal and external scientific users of the NanoSIMS instrument on a range of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial projects.

2009-present    Postdoctoral Research Associate (STFC-funded), The Open University

Investigating primitive Solar System materials to understand the origin of silicate and organic matter in the early Solar System, and the formation and mixing history of primitive reservoirs.

2008                Assistant Volcanologist, Montserrat Volcano Observatory (BGS), W.I.

3-month placement monitoring volcanic activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano reporting to the observatory director and speaking to local public and schools about the volcano.

2008               Teaching Support Officer, University of Edinburgh

Supporting and assisting the planning and organisation of lectures and laboratory classes for the undergraduate geology course.

2005-2008       Tutor and Demonstrator for Geology, University of Edinburgh

Teaching on field and laboratory courses, writing and running tutorials, marking and grading undergraduate course work.


– Co-Investigator for science on ESA Rosetta mission Ptolemy instrument.

– Co-Investigator UK Hayabusa consortium.

– 2013 British Science Association Media Fellow



2009            PhD (Geochemistry), University of Edinburgh.

Thesis title: Evolution of the Earth’s mantle-crust-atmosphere system from the trace element and isotope geochemistry of the plume mantle reservoir. NERC-funded.

2005            MSci. (Geological Sciences), Durham University. 1st class honours.

Thesis title: The petrogenetic relationship between mafic inclusions and andesites from the 12-13th July 2003 dome collapse of the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, West Indies.


Peer-reviewed published journal articles

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Book chapter

  1. Starkey, N. A. Comet chasing: The Rosetta story. Book chapter in Patrick Moore’s Yearbook of Astronomy, 2016